“MaduSalon offers an industry-leading salon, talented Deva-Inspired professional hairstylists accompanied by state-of-the-art vegan, sulfates and paraben free natural hair care products from DevaCurl, Eufora International, JessiCurl, and Miss Jessie’s. MaduSalon is praised as the “go-to mecca for curly girls in San Francisco” by Essence Magazine!



Marie France Cesar, the founder of MaduSalon, a busy hotbed of hair activity on Divisadero Street, has attracted curlyheads from all over the Bay Area and beyond — precisely because of its uncompromising love for curly, kinky, and natural tresses. Leave your flat-iron demands at the door or prepare to be met with some fighting words.



I am Isabel M. Pedro. I’m native from Africa; Angola. I had lived and traveled 4 continents of the world and I’m not done yet. I speak 5 language; Portuguese my mother language, France Lorne in France, Spanish in span, Italian in Italy, English in USA (New York City). I started doing hair when I was 8yearsold, within my only hair. Then my brother and sisters. I never really stop doing hair but I seek how to bring it to the next level. I went to school for pilot, but hair was always hunting me. So in 2002 when I moved to NY City I decide to go to cosmetology school (international beauty school). I knew right away that I would specialize in curly hair, but with no clue of ending doing it in SF California (one of the beautiful cities in the world) here I am!



Sasha began his career almost 10 years ago in Miami where he trained under Master Stylists and Colorists from brands such as Paul Mitchell, Toni &Guy and Goldwell. From there he went on to Boston where he cultivated his creative and stunning color skills on Newbury St. He’s know for his soft, natural and seamless highlights. But is extremely well versed in all things color. His precision cutting skills are evident in the flowing geometric shapes that he creates for his clients.

All of this begins only after he sits for an in-depth consultation with his client, to work towards creating that desired overall look that he and his client have created together. He not only asks the right questions, but really listens as well. The love for what he does is apparent in the work that he creates. And we’re thrilled to have added him to our team of gifted and extremely talented artists here at MaduSalon.



Shannon started working for MaduSalon as a receptionist in 2007 . She transitioned to a hair stylist in 2009 working her way up from an assistant to Marie France Cesar (owner), to a Junior stylist and finally a full fledged hair stylist. MaduSalon being an eclectic mixture of love, positive energy and fast paced environment, with forward thinkers, who are always learning, creates the ideal salon for her to thrive. Shannon’s passion for hair styling began as a child. She would spend hours braiding and unbraiding her dolls hair until it was perfected. After conquering dolls she moved onto herself, friends and family.

Shannon discovered curly hair at the end of 2002, when she made her first visit to MaduSalon as a client of Marie France Cesar. Marie Cut her relaxer off and styled her hair curly. Shannon began her natural hair journey going back and forth between flat ironing and wearing it natural. Shannon is a trained Deva Inspired Advanced Stylist (2012), having earned this title by completing an advanced course at the New York Devachan Salon. Shannon also specializes in haircuts, color, extensions, braiding, and up-do’s. Hair for her is like a puzzle, which she enjoys putting together piece by piece. This to her is, taking a chaotic situation and creating beauty.



I was attracted to madusalon because I grew up in the neighborhood and I walked by it every day. When I found out they specialized in curly hair I was excited because I was intrigued to learn how to cut and style curls. I wanted to make people feel beautiful with there naturally curly hair and learn how to style every day. I’ve been here for seven years and love helping people love there curls.



Lorena’s talent for hair was noted at a young age while doing hair for family and friends. Born and raised in Mexico City, she has called the Bay Area home for many years now. Lorena, attended San Francisco Institute of Aesthetics and Cosmetology (SFIEC), a Paul Mitchell partner school, mastering precision-hair-cutting and coloring-techniques. Since then, she has expanded her education, specializing in natural textured-hair, under master stylist and salon owner, Marie France Cesar. She has collaborated with numerous Bay Area artists, photographers and designers, on and off set, and has tailored up-dos for various weddings and special events. As a DevaChan-inspired stylist, Lorena Lopez, now offers her skillful expertise in natural textured-hair, coloring and precision hair-cutting. She knows that healthy hair evolves from the use of products and techniques that maintain it. Lorena is committed to celebrating everyone’s own uniqueness and natural beauty focusing on her client’s well-being while cultivating a conscious and environmental practice. Her attention to detail and her willingness to share knowledge creates an exceptional experience, that her clients get to take home.



I started my career at 20, seven years prior I freelanced in high school and junior high doing colors,cutting friends hair. I assisted at Carlton international hair doing a six week finishing course and advanced graduate course. Working with local designers of Tokyo dark castle, eats designs , and Georgia gowns.  furthering my education and craft with Aquade master class Academy always keeping up on product knowledge. 10 years since I’ve been a advanced master stylist with deva curl not stopping there. I try to further my future in knowledge and travel. I love  hair!



Devon is our Redken Certified Colorist and a hair color junkie! She combines creativity with technical skill to create any custom color you can dream up, treating each new client as a blank canvas. Devon has trained under the top Redken and Deva Artists in San Francisco and is now a Redken Certified Colorist with 7 years behind the chair she uses her training to determine what your hair needs. Whether you have straight strands, flowing waves or curly tresses, her main goal is to make sure you feel heard and you get the results that you want. It doesn’t matter if all you need is a root touch up or if you want a completely new look, Devon approaches every situation with the same amount of passion and makes sure you leave feeling like a masterpiece.



Growing up a curly girl, Vanessa has always taken an interest in curly hair. Much like all curly girls, she struggled with her hair, but now as a devacurl stylist at Madusalon she has learned to embrace her natural hair and teach others to do the same. Graduating from the Paul Mitchell Institute, she then stepped foot into Madusalon and has become a part of the apprenticeship program. Her training includes devacut certification, precision cutting, color, and styling. She is skilled in all hair textures across the spectrum from straight to curly.



Jazmyne is one of our natural hair care gurus. Her passion is teaching her curlfriends how to care for and appreciate the beautiful natural hair that they have so they feel beautiful everyday. Jazmyne keeps things fresh and exciting with variety and options, whether you want locs, twists, braids or you just want to wear your curl out and wild, she’s your girl. As a curly girl herself, she traveled to Los Angeles and back to the Bay to learn all she could about curls, what they need and how to keep them looking amazing everyday. Now at Madu, she continues her journey as a Deva Inspired stylist.


Ashayla Harrison

A native of the Bay Area, ashayla started her hair journey in 2014 when she first went natural and really started to learn about and actually care for her own hair. Which then sparked a creative outlet which I had never known. She then decided to go to hair school (Cinta Aveda Institute) in 2015-16 while in school she found madu salon while in search for a salon home. She felt very weird thinking about having to work at a salon where I couldn’t be seen as a client, and with my natural curly hair She knew that madu was a match made in heaven. She started as front desk until she got her license in the beginning of 2017. Once licensed she started her assisting program which she still currently is in.



I’m destiny I’m from North Dakota I’ve lived out here on my own for three years I went to the cinta aveda institute in downtown San Francisco I’ve been doing hair since I was 16, I’ve always loved the creativity and artistic freedom in cosmetology that it has to offer and I can’t wait to see the opportunities that come in my career.


Krylon Superstar

Krylon began his long amazing journey with hair in the womb (LITERALLY) due to his mother being pregnant with him while attending cosmetology school in 1974.
He comes from a family of hair stylists and by age 6 he was helping his mother do braids, weaves, press and curls, basket weaves and finger waves on her clients . By age 11 he had a small client base of his own.
As with any child that starts life with a particular talent, urged by their parent , He sought other avenues of self expression and art. Krylon travelled the world dancing, modeling, acting and singing.
Eventually making his way back to the States and landing in San Francisco. He began working at Whole Foods in the Castro while simultaneously fronting a queer hip hop band.
However he felt something was missing.. A coworker mentioned theuu were attending  cosmetology school and a light bulb went on. Krylon decided on the spot to enroll.
A week or so after enrolling in school he was at work (Whole Foods) and locked eyes with the most powerful, amazing, high fashion black woman he’d ever seen. She was in his line and he asked her name, and told her that she was beyond fabulous. “Marie France Cesar.” She said…
For the next month he’d see her come in the store looking stunning and he was completely taken by her.
One day her asked Marie what she did for a living and she said “ I own a salon called MaduSalon” and smiled. He thought immediately that this was a direct sign for a force incomprehensible to the human psyche . He told her that he’s attending cosmotology school, to which She replied., “you are coming to work for me.” Krylon replied knowingly- “yes.. I believe I am” ….
And that is where he remains to date. The story still continues


A native of Spain, Antonio has called many places home, including Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Los Angeles, New York City and now San Francisco. In addition, his frequent travels to visit diverse cultures and experience fashion all over the world continue to inform his style and expertise. Antonio is a graduate of the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, California, where he studied esthetics and cosmetology.

He was a national make-up artist for Lancome, and then worked with Sebastian International as a platform artist. With 15 years of experience – both as a stylist and educator – in hair and make-up, Antonio brings a strong portfolio to the salon. He is a recognized specialist in curly hair and is a certified Deva Curlaborator for DevaConcepts. “My experience with curly hair has allowed me to surrender to an unconditional flow of information and feedback that happens naturally in my salon chair and in an educational forum. It humbles me to facilitate the unique beauty and different ways that hair responds to our method of cutting, and how our products enhance it each time.”





From an early age I found a love and fascination for beauty. I often practiced doing makeup, hair color and styling on friends and loved devouring fashion magazines growing up. So deciding to go to beauty school was a natural fit and at 18, I did just that. After school, I was a color apprentice in Burlingame, then a stylist, esthetician and occasional natural nail tech in Montclair, CA. Moving to San Francisco; I was a stylist and later a manager as well of a small downtown salon. I then followed my hairstylist to a shop she worked in, where I also met Marie France Cesar (owner of Madusalon). I was a front desk coordinator and later a manager there for 5 years. When Marie decided to open Madusalon, I was honored to come and work with her, where I now serve as assistant manager. In this role I am able to help provide a service oriented atmosphere in a salon that caters to the San Francisco Bay Area’s beautiful and diverse clientele.